We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Here comes the new boss
Same as the old boss

—“Won’t Get Fooled Again,” The Who

Apparently President Trump has authorized air strikes against Syria. He did this last year too. He thinks that Syria is gassing its own people. Where have we heard this before?

Or maybe Syria has Weapons of Mass Destruction. In any case, the President, who ran on a platform to minimize all wars, is bombing the daylights out of Syria. Syria, for now. Next stop, Iran?

It’s very bad, in my opinion. Horrible, really. But what else is new? President Obama oversaw the bombing of multiple countries in the Middle East, with the enthusiastic assistance of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And if it were President Hillary today, rather than Donald, she’d be bombing there too.

And that’s because of: you guessed it: Weapons of Mass Destruction and gassing-of-their-own people. What really gets to me is that Those in Charge don’t even take the time to lie creatively anymore. We just keep hearing the same-old-same-old.

Tragically, we’ll probably hear soon about the bombing of Iran. This will be because: well, you can guess why.

Why is all of this being done — all of this bombing and lying? For two main reasons, I think.

For one, all of this social chaos keeps people in a state of fear. A populace that is terrified, confused, and divided are easy to control and manipulate.

The Marquis de Sade (not just a sadist but a leader in the bloody French Revolution) said that the worst thing for a revolution is a contented people. One must make people absolutely miserable in order to control them.

Thus, nations are kept on edge by the latest narrative. With President Obama, it was a steady diet of racial injuries and racially-based violence. Thus, blacks were pitted against whites — and vise versa.

Now, with Trump, we have a new trajectory: the War Between the Sexes. With so many women outraged that Hillary lost, it’s now women against men. The last Administration: race wars. Now: gender wars. Get it?

The desired results: Social chaos. National fear. A country torn in pieces and divided. And throw in some air strikes against other countries (with fear of world war and apocalypse) and we’ve got the perfect brew for widespread misery.

The second reason why there is bombing against Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, etc. etc. is this: The United States doesn’t control our own foreign policy. We haven’t for decades. Many people out there know this and speak about it — but they do so at their own risk.

We don’t control where and when we go to war. Another nation does. They run the show and anyone who dares to speak out is punished. Anyone in Congress who opens his mouth and reveals this secret will inevitably be booted out of office.

It doesn’t matter much if we have President Bush or Clinton or H. Clinton or Trump. Anyone at the helm of our country will do the truly dirty and destructive work of destabilizing the Arab countries of the Middle East to support the agenda of one nation, and one nation alone.

Hint: it’s not Russia.

So we have a so-called boss in charge — this time President Trump. But sadly it doesn’t matter who is at the helm. Nothing will change.

What can possibly, hopefully, prayfully change: Americans waking up — and not allowing themselves to be fooled yet again.

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