In the End


What’s wrong with you?
Why aren’t you happy?
Look at me;
I’m happy
Dad’s happy.
Why don’t you talk to me?
I tell my mother everything
Why do you close yourself up
in your room
and what do you do in there?
I read your poetry;
I know that I shouldn’t have
But you never tell me anything.
Why do you write such depressing poetry?
What do you have to be depressed about?

Why don’t you have Diane over more?
She’s always smiling;
a ray of sunshine
Why do you spend so much time with Wendy?
She’s dull.
Why do you sleep so much?
You never go to parties
or dances.
I didn’t raise you
to be a wallflower.
Why don’t you loosen up?
You’re such a prude.
How are you my daughter?
You’re nothing like me.
You remind me of my sister;
She was only l7 when she died.
I wish you could have met her;
she was a lot like you —

Why don’t you wear make-up?
You’d be prettier if you did.
You could do a whole lot more
with your looks.
Why are you dating Donny?
He’s not all that interesting.
I liked the other boy –
what was his name?
He was handsome.
Here’s $20.
Go buy Donny some nice clothes
I want to see you with a boy
who dresses better.
I just finished reading
the Playboy magazine.
Do you want it next?

What was that in your room?
In your jewelry box?
Is that marijuana?
Are you smoking marijuana?
I threw it out
I didn’t raise you to be a pothead.
Sure dad and I drink
that’s different
We like to have fun
We deserve some fun,
don’t we?
Why don’t you join dad for a drink?
He offers a drink and you say no,
You are ungrateful,
a selfish little b_______
I wish
I could shove you back up.

What’s wrong with your eyes?
Are you on drugs?
What are you taking?
We’ve given you everything,
why are you destroying your life?
Why don’t you talk to me?
I tell my mother everything.
Why don’t you let me see you?
Why don’t you let me into
the dressing room?
What are you hiding?
Is there something wrong with you?
One day
I might force you to take off all your clothes
so I can see
if there’s anything wrong with you.

Why don’t you smile more?
Why are you so sensitive?
You let everything bother you.
Why are you angry at me?
I didn’t mean anything by it.
You take everything to heart.
Why aren’t you happy?
Why aren’t you happy?
Why aren’t you?

* * *

In the End

Thank you for helping me.
I’m lost without dad.
I wish you lived closer.
Who would have thought
that you’d turn out
to be the good child?
I love you too.

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