“Following In the Steps of Lucifer”

A pregnant young woman, Kate Steinle, is murdered in cold blood. Her father witnesses this horror, cradling her in his arms as she begs him to help her.

An illegal immigrant, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate — deported four times and arrested a number of times for criminal activity — was charged. Many witnesses saw him shoot and kill Kate Steinle. This week he was acquitted of all charged.

I have to wonder how in the world this acquittal happened — with so many witnesses, including the Kate’s father. I also have to question why such a high profile criminal trial wasn’t moved out of San Francisco to a more neutral milieu.

I don’t know. . but I do know that Kate Steinle isn’t the only American whose life has been (probably) snuffed out by an illegal immigrant. Chandra Levy was also killed, apparently by an illegal from El Salvador. And then there are the countless rapes, the robberies, the victims of drunk drivers and so much more mayhem caused by people here illegally (hello — does anyone understand the word “illegal” anymore?).

What is incredible to me is the lack of outrage. For one, the news coverage by the liberal press has been, in a word, disgusting. Instead of eulogizing this lovely young women — and the death of her unborn baby — they write pejorative pieces about Trump — ridiculing him for “fuming” about the acquittal.

I suppose we should expect this cold and callous attitude from those at the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the like. But what about some outrage from women?

All over this country, women are up in arms about Harvey Weinstein and other sleazy Hollywood types. And yet when a pregnant woman is brutally killed, and an illegal alien caught and then acquitted (one who had been continually deported), there is not a word of righteous indignation.

And no one seems concerned that a city like San Francisco (and others in California) couldn’t care less about protecting Americans. In fact, they do the exact opposite. Those in power are so intent on protecting the “rights” of people who here illegally, they harbor illegals.

Public officials refuse to turn illegals over to ICE — even those who have been arrested for crimes. Had SF leaders been a little bit concerned about its people, maybe Kate would not have been murdered.

Instead, we have silence — no protests. . no NPR specials about the plethora of crime by illegals, mostly against women. No one talks about the rapes or the murders, nor the destroyed lives of the families in the wake of this mayhem.

There are several reasons for the silence. Kate was vivacious, blonde, and pregnant. Consequently, she wasn’t a member of one of the Left’s designated victim groups deserving of any sympathy.

Also, Kate’s murder isn’t part of the liberal narrative. Sure, women rail about sexual harasment at work– I mean, that could happen to them. — and career and money have become a type of sacramental. And women can moan bitterly about Hillary Clinton’s loss as President.

But the brutality towards women by illegals — and also by American thugs. . well, no one on the Left will talk about it. No one will even think about it, or to take the time to consider whether the politics that they embrace (free-for-all immigration, liberalization of laws towards criminals, opening up the doors of the prison) are killing and brutalizing women.

Better to maintain one’s rigid point of view, that is, — conservatives — bad; liberals — good. Better to hold onto the cult-like groupthink, rather than face the truth.

And the harsh truth: liberalism, progressivism, or whatever you want to call it is deadly. It emboldens criminals to do terrible things because it excuses and justifies their behavior. . . not to mention that there are few consequences for the horrible things that they do.

Liberalism creates these “sanctuary cities,” (or in the case of California Governor Brown — a sanctuary state in California.) Meanwhile, a disproportionate number of criminals in the federal prisons are illegal immigrants — many from brutal gangs and/or the cartel.

So rather than trying to arrest (literally and figuratively) the plague of violence in our streets, liberalism aids and abets the violence. And when a woman is victimized — not just one, but countless –no one raises an eyebrow or seems to care.

This is what liberalism inevitably leads to: a cold and uncaring heart. People may worry endlessly about the poor, suffering prisoners. Or they may rage about the potential of closing our borders.

But the lives of innocent women, men, and children killed at the hands of American thugs or illegal immigrants — no one on the Left seems to care. And there are certainly no tears for the helpless, unborn baby snuffed out in her mother’s womb.

Something that I read recently that feels apt here: It’s from Pope Leo XIII, who wrote a treatise in l888 that condemned liberalism. He wrote that “liberals follow in the footsteps of Lucifer.” He went on, “They adopt as their own his [Lucifer’s] rebellious cry, ‘I will not serve,’ and consequently substitute for true liberty what is sheer and most foolish license.”

Liberalism is not compassion for others, nor love and peace, but it is, as the Pope wrote, Luciferian. And this soulless and heartless spirit is on full display today:

A pregnant woman, Kate Steinle, is shot in San Francisco. She dies a terrifying, agonizing, bloody death in her father’s arms. . . and yet no one on the Left seems to notice or care.

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