Resistance is Futile

As I was driving the other day, I saw this older dude slowly crossing the street. The man had a limp that slowed him down, and he was seriously overweight. I saw the man head over to his car, which had a bright, new bumper sticker affixed to it.

I usually don’t like to look at these stickers because they scream angry and extreme slogans at me. But in this case, I was curious. So I glanced over and saw the following, which made me laugh hysterically. It read, “I’m With the Resistance.”

What made me howl with laughter was, of course, the very idea that this elderly gent, who could barely get himself across the street, envisions himself to be a resistance warrior. I mean, what role would this octogenarian play in the revolution?? Handing out the beer??

But this man is not alone; he’s not the only citizen around here who sees himself as a leftist guerrilla.

Resist bumper stickers decorate many of the vehicles around here. Then there are the t-shirts and the agitated conversations all around town. Most of the people sporting the Resistance decals are older people, and way beyond the stage of being a “street fighting man” — if they ever were one. But I suppose that it makes the masses feel like they are doing something to fight back, given how desperate and apoplectic they all are.

While I laughed at the slow-moving dude with his bumper sticker, most of the Resistance movement is not funny at all. In fact, it is downright dangerous. Someone inflamed and unglued shot a Congressman and seriously wounded him. And many other people are getting beaten and bloodied throughout the nation.

As I’ve said before, none of this pandemonium is random. Those with too much money and power are pulling the puppet strings on the unknowing masses.

Partly, I feel sorry for the brainwashed multitudes, who are losing their minds in the era of Trump. However, it is also frustrating that, given the plethora of information on the Internet, more people can’t find their way to truth.

So here we have it in the USA, circa 2017, with people at each other’s throats, and violence and insurrection the new norm. It is a horrible scene for everyone, and I can only pray that people come to their senses before too long.

The deeper truth about all of this is: Resistance is Futile. I don’t mean resistance on an earthly level — to Trump or to the South or whatever.

I’m talking about the incredibly stubborn and pernicious resistance to Almighty God. People here, there, and everywhere have abandoned any belief in God. Instead, they rely on themselves and the government — and what a fiasco this has been.

We live in a world where rebellion is celebrated, and where “resistance” is cool and considered imperative. But all of this rebellion just leads to misery, suffering, and ultimately to death.

The path to freedom isn’t through the Democratic or the Republican Party or by screaming obscenities at another person. It isn’t through fighting and trying to control everything and everyone. Freedom and happiness and everything beautiful in the world happens through faith — in God and His ways, even when they are not our ways.

That is why resistance is futile, and submission to our all-merciful and loving God is the only avenue for peace. Want proof? Just look at how horrible things are in this world when people choose to rebel and go their own way.

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