No News Is Good News

Recently, I was reading a book by a Christian pastor. He stated that he never watches the news or pays attention to popular culture. This is a philosophy that I embrace as well.

It has been a month or two since I checked out the news. And when I did so, it was just to glance at the headlines on Drudge. As for the mainstream media, I haven’t checked out the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the like in. . . . . hm. . I’d have to really think about how long; it’s probably been years. And I’m infinitely better in body, soul, and mind from my news blackout.

The pastor also said that if something is important enough, someone will tell him. This is also the case for me, especially here in Berkeley. People are always telling me stuff — people I know, acquaintances, and, in some cases, even random strangers. For instance, here have been some recent conversations.

I was standing on line, and I started making some small talk with the lady in back of me. I said, “I should know better than to shop here at lunchtime. It’s always so crowded.” She looked at me, bewildered; this isn’t a rare reaction, though, since folks are often dumbfounded when someone actually talks to them.

After a moment of pausing and thinking she said, “Sorry that I seem so out of it. I just heard on the news about the attack in Barcelona and I’m really upset.” Now, of course, I didn’t know a thing about it and wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Since we have street signs that reference state and national places, I wasn’t sure if it were an attack on some street around here.

So I asked her, “Where was the attack?” Looking at me as though I’m an idiot (which also happens a lot), she answered that it was in Barcelona, Spain. I added my usual, “Oh, I don’t pay attention to the news so I never know what’s going on.” She again regarded me with shock and then dismay. That was the end of our random chitter chatter since to be news-ignorant around here is more of a crime than breaking and entering.

Then there was another conversation I had this week with an acquaintance. I said, perkily, “Hi, Arthur! How are you doing?” He responded, “Not well. I’ve been watching CNN and MSNBC and I am really disgusted about these (bad words) people in Virginia and our (bad word) President and the horrible people on the right.” To which I said, “Maybe you shouldn’t watch all that stuff. How does it help to get all agitated and upset?” Again, this wasn’t what he wanted to hear, and he sped off, probably to catch Rachel Maddow on MSBN or Van Jones on CNN (I mean, seriously, wasn’t this dude kicked out of the White House for being an anti-American communist supporter and now he’s on the news? And people actually spend their precious time on earth watching these people?)

My media blackout isn’t because I don’t care about this country. It’s not because I’ve signed up for the “Know Nothing Party.” It’s because, at this point, I could be the President of the “Know-too-Much Party.”

I know that the news that is being fed to the brainwashed masses is designed to agitate and divide. It’s all orchestrated and planned in advance by the puppet masters. I mean, do you really think that these spontaneous uprisings about statues are really spontaneous?

And do you really believe that southerners are horrible, bad guys who can’t let go of their racism? The southerners are just easy targets, as they have been since the Civil War, for instance, by the elite ridiculing their accents and insulting their intelligence. And since so many southerners voted for Trump, it’s just another way of tarnishing all of his supporters as stupid racists.

In my mind, no news is good news. The “news” out there is just Hollywood-produced propaganda to hide the real news — that this country is obscenely in debt; that crime is escalating all over the liberal cities, such as mine; and that, at least in Berkeley and the environs, there are potholes so large that you can build a small city in them. But no one seems to care about the real problems going on.

It’s all orchestrated by a very small number of people who are running off with our money, e.g. the so-called Federal Reserve, which isn’t federal at all, but a private bank making a killing at taxpayer expense. And there are a whole lot of people with money and power who simply hate this country and want to destroy it. Thus, they act shamelessly and with impunity to cause antagonism and division.

And, sadly, the NPR-loving/NY Times addicted masses are letting them get away with it.

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