“Christ Comes to Berkeley!”

It finally happened, I thought! The Daily Cal newspaper banner headline blared out the words that I’ve been craving: “Christ Comes to Berkeley!” (And we all know that newspapers don’t lie!)

I raced over to the newspaper box to take a closer look. “I must be mistaken,” I thought. . it’s probably Crist or Christo or something like that.” But, no, right there in black and white was the message that I’ve been longing to see, that indeed, Christ was coming to Berkeley!

But, alas, my hopes were soon dashed; I learned that though “Christ” was actually coming to Berkeley, it wasn’t through the Savior of the World. Instead, Carol Christ, a former professor here and the President, I believe, of Smith College was moving west to become the Chancellor at UC Berkeley.

Of course, it would have been a true blue miracle for anything Christ-like to be happening in Berkeley. This area is the belly of the beast, the netherworld, as close to hell on earth as it gets. (And that’s putting it mildly.)

Widespread filth, depravity, crime, riots, people packed in tightly everywhere like sardines. And yet the multitudes from all over the world are desperate to move here — another sign of widespread madness.

Believe it or not, at one point, this area was a fairly normal one. Many decades ago, before the 60s for sure, Berkeley was a quiet and bucolic place, where students could walk around safe streets and residents could find a decent house at a reasonable cost. But even in the 50s, there was indication that at some point, Berkeley would become a snake pit.

I think that much of it has to do with the Frankfurt School, that group of Jewish intellectuals in Frankfurt, Germany. They were socialists with an ingenious idea: Don’t foment social revolution through agitating the working class to riot (something that generally won’t work — since the working class are too busy actually working; and anyway the worker bees are striving to get wealthy, not destroy the wealth of a nation.)

So instead, subtly but tenaciously, the radicals plotted to destroy the ethics of the West so thoroughly that, according to one Frankfurt School member, “it stinks.” Do so through sex education; attacks on the family, especially men and the father; promoting homosexuality; cajoling women to work; and pushing all kinds of perversity, such as pornography. And before too long — viola! As we now see, the once-proud culture of the United States lies in tattered ruins.

Now when Hitler took hold of power, he threw the Frankfurt School members out of the country because they were communists. And where did they go? To the United States, many to UC Berkeley! (Yay us!)

Through socialist-loving connections within the US, the Frankfurts were able to obtain tenured professorships and research positions at Berkeley, as well as other hallowed institutions, such as Columbia University. Once there, the profs continued their notorious work of dragging down the entire culture.

At UC Berkeley, one project was publishing influential research about the so-called “authoritarian personality.” The authors theorized that people who are conservative and Christian have defective character structures that lead to fascism and other very bad things. The book that was published, The Authoritarian Personality, created a stir in the academic world and beyond. . leading many in society to start viewing conservative, faith-based people as dangerous. (The School utilized early Saul Alinsky-type techniques, such as ridiculing, marginalizing, and ostracizing opponents).

Berkeley, SF, and Oakland were also chosen by the puppet masters to be ground zero in the new 60s war against all morality and authority. So before too long, what once was a peaceful university town started to become the dangerous and demonic hellhole that it is today (again, I’m putting it mildly).

While the Daily Cal headline mischievously blasted out its message that Christ was coming here, the opposite is true. Many churches have shut their doors or morphed into something else (one church is now a New Age-type counseling center). One of the Catholic Churches in Berkeley has been defaced and desecrated multiple times.

Simply look at the deadened or possessed faces around here, and it’s clear that Christ isn’t the Man in charge; but instead, a very dark spirit engulfs most of the populace.

But there is always hope. If a pagan, progressive, feminist, vegetarian type like me could do a total l80 in a few short years, anything is possible. If I could fall intensely and perpetually in love with the true blue Savior of the World, there are still signs of life in this country. Even in Berkeley.

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