You’ve Got to be Cruel to be Kind

There’s been a definite ramping up of aggressive behavior and thinking of late. Drivers in huge SUVS and trucks drive an inch away from small Honda Civics. People have this paranoid, what-you-looking-at glare if you dare to smile and be friendly. Riots occur frequently, and most residents are a-okay with Trump supporters being injured.

Hostility among people had escalated the last 9 years or so. But it’s out-of-control since Trump was elected.

The masses are angry — of what happened, of what they think might happen, of every little thing that you can imagine. They expected Hillary — so the outrage is constant and palpable.

What surprises me more than the above is that people still want to move here. In fact, rents and real estate prices are in the stratosphere. Why in the world would anyone want to move to such a congested, angry, filthy, crime-ridden place?

Of course, the Berkeley hype exposes none of this. Even though the whole mythology about Berkeley is a big, fat lie, still people keep pouring into this area. Even if they have to live in a tenement with roaches, rats, and a slumlord landlord, still newcomers keep coming and coming.

Frequent muggings, sexual assaults, shootings on the freeway, a take-over assault on a BART train — no matter what. There is nothing that will stop people from flocking here.

Which makes me wonder: why would anyone want to move here and put up with this abuse? And why do the multitudes still stay here? And why do most people become hard-core themselves after they live here for any length of time — and then contribute to the nasty vibe?

The reasons are long and complex, and speak to decades of brainwashing. It’s a lethal, witch’s brew that turns previously nice folks into irate, violence-advocating radicals. Here are some of the essential ingredients to destroy most people’s civility:

1. Create an endless environment of frustration — horrendous traffic, road rage, no parking, impossible housing and working conditions — so that people turn on each other.

2. Supply the masses with a steady drumbeat of radical teachings, books, classroom curriculum, media, and the like. . so that in time, people come to believe that the aggressive conditions and violence are normal.

3. Hold frequent riots and protests and widespread (un)civil disobedience so that people regard rioting as perfectly understandable. (1)

4. Desensitize the masses with pressure to have promiscuous sex (leading to date rape, abortions, STDs, S & M, etc.), as well as offer copious drugs and booze. Add to this the newest trend of tattoos all over the body, even for females, who have a lower pain threshold than men. Thus, everyone starts believing that pain is natural — and a real good thing.

5. Importantly, don’t tell anyone any of the above. . and make sure that there are no real grown ups around here to spill the beans or to offer any protection.

Viola, you have the anarchy that is Berkeley/Oakland/SF/Emeryville/Richmond/El Cerrito, etc. etc. In these parts, kindness and love are as absent as a decent quality of life. Sadly, most people, after a while, embrace the aggression and become angry meanies as well.

To survive around here, you have to be cruel to be kind.

You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind, in the right measure
Cruel to be kind, it’s a very good sign
Cruel to be kind, means that I love you baby
(You’ve gotta be cruel)
You gotta be cruel to be kind

–Nick Lowe, You Have to be Cruel to be Kind


1. The delusion that violence is normal has infested other parts of this country and not just the SF Bay Area. I read a study recently that was done in LA, where residents were asked if they expect riots again soon. Most said yes. One resident even stated that riots will be understandable because of “income inequality .. ” again showing how Americans have been brainwashed to think that people have a right to riot if they don’t have as much money or goodies as they think that they deserve.

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