We are the Ones

I was just taking a walk around Berkeley. Many of the residents are adorned with Hillary buttons and t-shirts. There’s a nervous vibe in the street, as Berkeley-ites shudder in fear at the media-constructed boogey-man, Donald Trump.

I feel a bit nervous too. . but at the moment, the main thing that I feel is sobered. There is a tremendous amount at stake with this election, not just for the country, but for Christians, in particular.

The Democratic Party has made it clear that the enemy for them isn’t so much Russia or Iran (more media-constructed villains), but Christians, particularly the Catholic Church. The Wikileaks reveal the level of contempt people high up in the Administration have for Christians, particularly Catholics. And the leaks revealed their plan to infiltrate the Catholic Church to create chaos, disorder, and confusion. . and revolution, to try to force changes in the ancient Church teachings. This is a process that started many years ago, and took on a life of its own from the l960s and onward.

And Hillary Clinton herself, in a talk a few years ago, asserted that any religious group that doesn’t want to dance to the liberal drummer will have to change. She didn’t say what the government would do to crack down on churches that have their own teachings, based on Christ, not the gurus in the Democratic Party. But one can only guess, since the persecution has already started with Obamacare forcing unreasonable and un-Holy mandates on Christian churches and organizations.

These are the times in which we all live. This isn’t a time for followers of Jesus to become frightened. Jesus Himself told us to never be afraid, that man can only hurt our bodies, but never touch our souls, if they are firmly grounded in God.

Instead, this is a time for saint-making. I heard a pastor preach on this recently. He said, “If you aren’t trying to become a saint, what are you doing? If you aren’t trying to become holy, what are doing with your life?” I agree; this is a time for those who put God first to pick up our crucifixes and follow Him.

There is nothing else that matters. Our petty concerns will fade away in time. . .and this election will be over before too long. Same with our finite bodies and lives. We are all faced with a choice, and it isn’t Democrat or Republican. It is: who will we follow, who will be worship, what will we do with this one life that we’ve been given?

The Bible makes it clear that in the end, there will be very few true believers left. I keep thinking of the passage from Revelation: These are the ones who survived the time of great distress; they have washed their robes clean and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

There is an old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. These are certainly interesting times, although I don’t believe they are a curse.

This is a time for heroes. This is a time of saint-making. This is when we reveal our true colors, to ourselves, to others, but, most of all, to God.

So make sure to vote on Tuesday. Vote as though your life depends on it. And, frankly, it might.

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