Lies Matter

I often shake my head in wonder that much of the populace is so gullible and malleable. I mean, I kind of get it. I was one of them, years ago. But I’d like to think that if there were solid information presented to me that I would have stopped believing the lies sooner.

Here’s an example of a delusional belief that has gained traction. Apparently, lots of folks believe that there is a pandemic of white on black crime, rather than the reverse. I mean, are you kidding me??

Then there is the issue of marijuana, which Californians are about to decriminalize come November. Countless Californians are drugged out already. You take your life in your hands driving or even walking the streets. And, yet, most folks apparently think it’s a good idea to create more of an incentive to turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Then there is the so-called California Dream. Lots of people from elsewhere have gotten a clue that the dream is a thing of the past, if it ever existed at all. In many parts of the world, California is now the laughing stock of the nation — with the state’s fiscally irresponsible experimentation, the filthy and crime ridden cities, and the rotting infrastructure. And, yet, there are still some duped college students and young professionals who actually think that it’s a good idea to move here.

Another whopper: that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a spontaneous, grassroots outpouring by indignant black people. I mean, please. People don’t, in neatly organized and heavily funded fashion, just take it to the streets. And the lie feels disturbingly racist. Blacks, like other ethnicities, are too busy paying their bills, worrying about their kids’ education, and doing the laundry to suddenly drop everything to occupy the freeways. BLM has all the marks of the radical Left: that is, paid operatives, who are doing a stellar job inflaming and frightening the masses.

Here’s another delusion: that it’s a good idea to relocate the Clintons back to the White House. And why isn’t anyone in the mainstream news asking about reports that Hillary may be in very poor health? She’s had unexplained falls, including a recent one at a 9/11 event, concussions, difficulty walking, and possibly cognitive problems involving speech, memory and temper. But just as the MSM ignores her email travails, same too about the real possibility that her health problems may endanger her ability to safely run the country.

The casual, if not cavalier, attitude of so many about all of the lies and deceptions reminds me Alfred E. Neuman, the fictional character who famously said: What-Me-Worry? It’s not a coincidence that Alfred was the mascot for Mad Magazine. It’s a mad society when people don’t take the time to think for themselves and instead swallow the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

None of the disorder and falsehoods are new. It is how the radical Left has always operated. They whip up racial strife and engineer anarchy and social chaos. But the situation is much worse today than in the 60s because rather than being a fringe element, the radicals are now firmly in power.

My advice in all of this: fellow Americans, stop allowing the media and the government to manipulate you like puppets on a string. Do your own research, outside the mainstream box. And stop letting black, white, brown, etc. lies matter.

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