Trump Towers

Oh, man. This upcoming election is forcing me to break my self-imposed Rip Van Winkle, stuporous state with regard to the news. In other words, I feel forced against my will to actually know what’s going on around the presidential race.

Apparently, most of the GOP candidates have dropped out, leaving Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and someone from Ohio whose last name begins with a K. One of my Berkeley friends says that he’s the only sane one in the Republican bunch, which makes me want to know as little about him as possible.

What I am seeing around here is a form of mass hysteria when it comes to Donald Trump. Seriously, people are absolutely apoplectic, frothing at the mouth about the possibility of The Donald being our Prez. Their blind rage and hatred is at George W. Bush levels.

And they are terrified, as though Donald Trump is a combination of the anti-Christ, the boogeyman, and the Joker. There is just no rumor too idiotic and histrionic that someone around here isn’t voicing it.

One panicked person told me that if Trump were elected, the stock market would crash to the lowest of lows. Now, I’m not sure how a multi-gazillionaire as President would torpedo our economy. Wouldn’t a socialist President that wants to make every day Black Friday be at more risk of destroying the few bucks that this country still has?

And another person said that there would be mass deportation of every illegal man, woman, and child, along with plenty of legal immigrants. Let’s throw in the fantasy of herding away the Jews and the gypsies and we’ve got the makings of a full-blown paranoid psychosis.

Someone else told me fearfully that Trump was a madman, certifiably insane. Again, I’m not sure how a stupendously successful businessman could make all that money and mastermind so many deals if he were one step away from the looney bin. And, plus, with the amount of crazy around here, such as the deluded screamers on street corners, one would think that Berkeley-ites would welcome more insanity into their lives.

Of course, much of the hysteria is being fomented by our ever so “unbiased” media, which can’t stand Trump and wants the public whipped up into a feverish frenzy. Never one to have a conscience, our media celebrities are burning the Donald at the stake for daring to say the things that are forbidden for anyone to talk about.

One of the sacred cows in this country, a prohibited topic, is immigration. Donald is trumping, so to speak, his legitimate outrage about our allowing in most of the immigrants in the world, with nowhere to put them. Just look at the bursting-at-the-seams overcrowded school, welfare, health care, etc. etc. situation in California and you’ll see a country that has lost its ability to take care of and educate its own citizens.

Recently. I spent 7 hours in one of the (formerly) better Emergency Rooms around here. It was standing room only as my very ill friend sat there for literally three hours before being even triaged. From the looks of the other folks in there, we were one of the few groups of people here legally. It was definitely a scene out of the Third World, although this area, with its filth and overcrowding, bares little resemblance anymore to the First World.

But I guess I shouldn’t bring this up because the topic is, as I said, forbidden. But Donald dares to do so and therefore many Average Joes and Janes are excited that maybe he’s not just the same stuffed shirt and skirt we have running for national election each year. But the Powers that Be don’t want the public animated and encouraged, but instead prefer a heavily controlled, monitored, and manipulated multitude.

So the media orchestrates a firestorm of hysteria towards Donald Trump; and the folks around here, and so many other liberal bastions, hypnotically follow the tune of their Pied Piper. And, sad to say, we may very likely get yet another homogenized, same old/same old President when it comes November. As long as people allow themselves to be manipulated into believing that their mainstream news is objective and accurate, not much will change.

Sad, tragic really. Depressing. Ugh.

Time for me to go back to sleep. Wake me up when it’s all over.

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