My Trump Card

As time goes on, I find myself liking the Donald more and more. There are several reasons why.

For one, he is absolutely despised by the folks out here. They ridicule and lambast him every chance they get. I even saw a car defaced because the driver had the nerve to affix a Trump bumper sticker on it (someone painted the F word on the car, on top of the sticker). So if Trump is incurring this much hostility, the man must be doing something right!

Another reason for my increased interest in the Donald is that the most common adjective I hear describing him is “crazy.” Now that rings a bell for me; sensible, level-headed Sarah Palin was labeled “crazy” as well. It’s Soviet-style tactics; when a person is a threat to the Powers that Be, and when there is no real dirt against him, the radicals resort to calling the person “crazy.” In the real Soviet Union, the “crazy” dissidents would be forced into insane asylums. Here the “crazy” person is marginalized, insulted, and dismissed, Saul Alinsky-style. Again, another compelling reason for voting for Trump.

In addition, the media absolutely despises Trump. They are targeting and scrutinizing him for every off-handed word or gesture. While candidate Bernie is given carte blanche for every gaffe (for instance, not much air time for Saunders l970s rape fantasy about women), Trump is put under the microscope. If the media doesn’t want President Donald, that’s makes me admire the man more.

There is a last reason why Trump is appealing to me more day by day. I call it the Damsel in Distress Test.

Given the horrific, ever present crime around here, I’ve been asking myself which of the candidates would be most likely to get in a criminal’s face and defend me should I need the protection. For instance, if, God forbid, I was accosted by a criminal, which of the candidates would come to my rescue?

Now we can rule out Bernie Sanders. He wrote an article in his 30s that women like to be tied up and raped by three men And if Sanders is anything like the other males around here, he would never defend a woman on the streets. Like the other men, Bernie would likely defend the perpetuator as the victim because of “privilege” or “social justice” or other such codependent nonsense.

As for Hillary, let’s be real here. She’s a woman. There is no way that she’d get into a street fight defending yours truly. And, like Bernie, she’d likely defend the assailant and blame me for being harassed.

So the only possible protectors would be Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. I don’t know about Cruz’s potential to rescue a damsel in distress. He seems more like a brilliant, academic type who is big on grandstanding about “bombing ISIS back to the Stone Ages,” without actually being a street fighting man.

That leaves Trump. As a bombastic, loud-mouthed New Yorker, Donald would not walk away from a fight or a confrontation. In fact, Donald seems to get energized by a battle of wills. So he is the likely candidate to pass my Damsel in Distress Test.

So who will I vote for when Californians finally get a chance in June to express our preference? That’s a long way off, so who knows. But if Donald continues to be despised, feared, scrutinized, targeted, called “crazy,” and his supporters abused and vandalized (which is all very likely), then he’ll be the right candidate for me this summer and fall.

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