No Offense

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about a fairly new term, “microaggressions.” Apparently, microaggressions are sexist, racist, homophobic, agist, etc.etc. actions that aren’t exactly actions but subtle, though insidious, insults and offenses that are meant to create domination of others.

Or something like that.

Anyway, since microaggressions are so hard to explain, let me give you an example. Suppose there is an Asian-American girl named Karen who is a sophomore at Any College or University, USA. In her class is white dude, Jason, who has a major crush on the cute young coed. After months of trying to summon the courage, one day he finally asks her out.

He says, “Hey, Karen. Are you doing anything on Friday night? I heard that there is this great new Japanese restaurant that opened downtown and I’m really interested in trying it out.”

Now, Karen could say yes and have a yummy meal or she could politely say no. These days, however, there is a third option, that is: Karen could screech, “So you think that because I’m Asian, I only eat Japanese or Chinese food?! Is that right, kemosabe? And just because I’m Asian, you think you can “try me out,” like a Japanese geisha girl! Well, no way am I ever going out with you, Mr. White Supremacist Pig who thinks that he’s master of the universe!!

None of this would do much to help Jason’s already shaky self-esteem. But these days Karen is apt to make this choice and see Jason’s every word and gesture as a microagression. She’s been whipped up into a paranoid frenzy by her critical gender class and critical race class and critical everything-that-exists classes. So rather than go out with Jason (who may, in fact, be the man of her dreams, her soulmate, her better half; the guy who grows up to make a fortune and give her a wonderful life replete with happy children and houses and who treats her like a queen and devotes 60 years to loving her before dying in her arms), Karen elects to spend Friday night with her angry female friends ranting about microaggressions.

It wasn’t always like it. Once upon a time, males and females shyly got to know each other, and tried to like each other or at least to be understanding. Males knew that females were different, and females recognized the same. They loved each other, often badly, but that was the nature of love: it was organized around family and God and children and doing one’s best, and then when one’s best failed, practicing forgiveness.

Of course, this all changed with the 60s, as did everything else, all the things that weren’t perfect but were plenty good enough were chucked: schools that actually taught the three Rs; a love of country; and a sense of community, a we’re-all-in-this-difficult-world together belief among all people. But now we are all in our own little tribal groupings, feuding and fighting and always braced for being offended.

And all of these folks in their various ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientation groups have one primary object of their rage and contempt. You know who he is:

The Straight White Man. He is that shadowy, privileged figure who lives to oppress and dominate and who is responsible for everything that is horrible now and since the beginning of time.

I mean, isn’t this all a bit — how can I put it — idiotic? I mean, isn’t this just the dumbest thing ever? And much of this propaganda is being foisted on our poor college students, who already have enough to contend with, what with calculus, and acne, and bad menstrual cramps.

So why is all of this insanity happening? For one, there is the dark side of human nature, where people prefer to blame someone else rather than take personal responsibility for their lives. But there are also agendas being fulfilled and big bucks being make.

The human hating, depopulation types love the chaos because if males and females are always fighting, they’re not making babies. . . and the race baiters relish it because they make millions on books and campus appearances. . and the Bill Ayers and Noam Chomsky types make a fortune giving lectures. . and the lawyers win big on harassment cases. The losers, however, are the American people, who see the once strong social fabric so frayed that it’s barely hanging by a thread.

And who is the biggest winner in the Battles of the Sexes and of the Races? It’s the Enemy of man and womankind alike, Lucifer. He is the one behind the scenes orchestrating the whole bloody mess, because he loves nothing better than fighting and paranoia and hate. And, tragically, when people start sounding off about this and that supposed microaggression, they play right into the old Devil’s hands.

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