Lawlessness and Disorder

I just received a link from a friend about a 62 year old man who died because rioters in Berkeley blocked traffic a few weeks ago. What would have been a few minute ride for paramedics to come and save his life turned into a half hour. Although I can’t prove it, from the name of the man who died, it sure sounds like he was African American.

Which makes me wonder, Do Black Lives Matter to groups like Black Lives Matter? You see, this is a very diverse area, with a huge black, Latino, Asian, etc. etc. population. So with all of this rioting and blocking freeways and general mayhem interrupting emergency personnel from doing their jobs, many of the victims are and will be people of color.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what the color is of those terribly impacted by the lawlessness and disorder. Black lives matter — but so do white lives, and every color under the rainbow. But causing widespread chaos, death, injuries, etc. apparently doesn’t matter to those who believe they are perpetual victims of injustice at the hands of the “system.” They know better than all of the juries of one’s peers combined.

As I write this, I have heard four emergency vehicles go by, with sirens blaring. I have no idea why, except that the rumor predicts anarchy galore to protest Ferguson. The only rule around here seems to be mob rule. The only lives who appear to matter at the moment are the enraged and out-of-control mobs, and their puppeteers and

And isn’t is ironic that scores of the victims of these riots, like the older, possibly black deceased gentlemen, are the very people the leftist groups purport to care about?




Again, these so-called “spontaneous” riots since Ferguson (and before that, the Occupations) have the fingerprints of the Left all over them. From what I hear, Berkeley and Oakland were engulfed by this type of lawlessness during the 60s. However, then there was the major difference that the National Guard was called in. Not going to happen these days given those in charge state-wide and nationally.

I think that much of the chaos is designed and orchestrated by those very same affluent, well connected radicals who create chaos wherever they go, without getting their hands dirty. And of course it’s all engineered by the biggest radical of all, Saul Alinsky’s much admired Lucifer.

A while back, I read an old book by former leftists who had had a l80 degree change of heart. I still recall a chilling comment that one of the authors made. He said that he is terrified of the leftists he used to know working their way into positions of power in the government, academia, and the like. Of course, this has all happened, and here’s the fallout: the whipping up of all of the darkest, basest emotions — hatred, envy, resentment — in Berkeley and beyond.

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