Everyone’s Life Matters

A friend sent me a couple of news links. One was that the Home Depot in Emeryville was shut down yesterday by an enraged mob. They were angry that a black woman was killed by the police there a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently, she had taken over the Home Depot, robbed people, put guns to people’s heads, and then ran outside and attempted to carjack a few cars. As I understand it, police ordered her to put down her gun, she refused, and they shot her. The Home Depot later erupted in protests, and the store was robbed and looted.

And then this one: On Valentine’s Day, in a lovely suburb of the SF Bay Area, Walnut Creek, people mobbed a restaurant, verbally abusing and terrifying people who were peacefully dining in a restaurant. The diners apparently were doing something forbidden: dining while white. The children there were terrified.

There hadn’t been a police shooting in Walnut Creek. The protestors simply didn’t like that Walnut Creek is a quite, peaceful small city with few black people (though Walnut Creek has a huge number of Chinese, Indian, and other Asians – and a ton of ethnic restaurants. It is known as a safe and lively alternative to the filth and crime of SF). Similar protests, by the way, have happened in restaurants in Oakland, where groups of angry people shouted at diners and disrupted people’s meals.

Now, I’d like you to imagine this scenario. You and your family are peacefully relaxing after a long week. You’re enjoying a meal out together, and discussing the happenings of the week. Suddenly, a very loud and angry mob takes over the place, creating chaos, yelling at you and your children. You don’t know how this is going to end: violence? robbery? sexual assault?

How would you feel?

Or this situation: you and friend are visiting the Home Depot to get some supplies. Out of nowhere, you hear shouting, screaming, rage, people running, hiding, terrified. People are blocking the exit, trying to shut down the store.

Again, how would you feel?

There’s so much I want to say here. . and there’s so little to say. Clearly all of these so-called protests are the tried and true tactics of the Left: crash and overwhelm the system, create widespread mayhem and chaos. Sadly, alarmingly, they are being tolerated all over the place in ways that they weren’t in earlier times because of the political power the Left now wields.

Saul Alinsky, and many others, have promoted this type of terrorizing, destroying, and controlling. And since the 60s, tenured professors have brainwashed gullible young people into their version of reality: oppression, unfairness, and everything terrible. These professors have darkened our young people’s world view, robbed them of their innocence, and made them into foot soldiers for their causes.

And like most people in history who orchestrate madness, they never get their hands dirty. They instead prefer their ivory towers and their pristine suburban homes, which, by the way, resemble that bucolic city, Walnut Creek, the one that they are terrorizing.

And then there are the professors of education, the Bill Ayers of the world, who have taught their education students well, The public school teachers since the 60s are very well versed in the horrors that are the US; they teach that the world is divided up into forever perpetuators and forever victims.

As I said, there’s so much to say and so little. I’ll state the obvious: all of this is wrong. Horrible and horrifying. Terrorism. It’s fascistic, that is, some people have voice, others are supposed to shut up. It’s about social control and power and brutality.

This is the world system that we live in. This is what the world looks like when God has been shut up and shut out. This is what happens when few people understand anymore about the difference between love and hate. Love heals. Love brings people together. Love is the only true Force of power in the entire universe. And all love must come from God.

Love says that everyone’s life matters: black and white and male and female and every color under the sun. Christ loved us so much that He died for us: not just some of us, but all of us.

Hate is derived from the netherworld; it is ugly, brutal, and violent. It is a form of madness; it can drive people crazy. (1) Hate agitates the darkest and basest of emotions: envy, resentment, bitterness, selfishness. Hate resembles what we are seeing now, all over this nation. And with the rejection of God by so many, this force of hatred has been unleashed upon our God-forsaken world.

(1) As in the out of control madness of the French and Russian Revolutions and countless other examples.

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