Stop Police Brutality!

You may be surprised that I’m saying this: but stop police brutality!!

I can’t take it any more. Day after day, from Berkeley to NYC, the police are being brutalized. The police — who by the way put their lives on the line for us everyday — are being spit at, cursed at, threatened, pummeled by bottles and rocks and bricks. Some are being injured and sent to the hospital.

Oh, by the way, all of this protesting is against violence.

You can tell that people are not operating in their right minds when none of this makes any sense. People are angry that people have been killed by the police. So they are rampaging banks, grocery stores, and Radio Shack (while picking up a few items for Christmas). Those enraged about the police are looting Whole Foods and imbibing champagne. To show their concern and love for humanity, they block freeways, major streets, the subway stations, and Amtrak, thereby causing massive traffic jams, and, in at least one incident, interfering with a woman’s ability to get to the hospital. (1)

Remember that they are protesting against violence.

To show outrage towards the treatment of the “little people,” the rioters shatter windows and trash the stores of big corporations, such as Trader Joe’s. (Earth to rioters: Do you think that Mr. Trader Joe is going to get on his knees to clean up the mess — or Carlos and Maria from the janitorial service?)

Of course, the major source of their rage is the police in Ferguson. And therefore they are assaulting the police in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, etc. See the logic here?

I guess their viewpoint is that every police officer is a big, racist bully. But isn’t generalizing and stereotyping all police officers a form of discrimination?

Plus, when the ordinary resident around here criticizes the police, it’s usually because they are too nice. The police have taken so many sensitivity classes, some of us wonder if they know how to catch the bad guys.

Even by Berkeley standards, the behavior of the mobs is insane and criminal ( FYI: just assembling en mass without a permit is illegal). It feels like inhabitants have ingested some Kool-Aid, turning them into mad Stepford Wives. (Even though most people aren’t taking part in the bedlam, too many still support or excuse it, thus enabling the situation to be out of control.)

Blessedly, I must have missed the hypnotic trance that day. To me, it’s all a frightening, disturbing, and absurd spectacle, one that is wasting millions of dollars, causing massive disruption in services, redirecting the police force from actually policing (2), and injuring scores of people.

And it’s a completely unacceptable form of police brutality — one that our police force, every police force, and, in fact, every single human being on this planet — does not deserve. (3)


(1) A woman in labor wasn’t able to get to the hospital because rioters blocked the freeway. A couple of those big, bad police officers had to drive against opposing traffic on the other side of the freeway (putting their lives at risk) to rescue her and to get her to the hospital in time. Thanks to them, baby and mother are doing fine.

(2) From what I’ve heard, while all of this is going on, there’s more street crime, while police from all over the Bay Area are being diverted to mob control.

(3) If people want to peacefully and lawfully demonstrate, then they should absolutely be allowed to do so. But rioting has no place in a civilized society — though do we have one anymore?

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