When Crime Pays

When I was in my 20s, I was heavily involved in feminism. My main issue was violence against women.

I recall going to a Take Back the Night March in Manhattan in the l970s, when the city was a snake pit of porn palaces and sexual assaults. There were hundreds of thousands of men and women at the event. The march organizer received permits to block off the street (1), and we all chanted and held signs, lawfully. At the end of the march, we went home, hopeful that perhaps our efforts helped to combat sexual violence.

We were “protesters,” and “demonstrators.” We did our work peacefully and caused no problems for the police. It would have been really dumb, unthinkable, to protest violence with more violence.

And then we have the riots of 2014.

Now we live in a culture where the terms protester and demonstrator have taken on new meaning. With the rioting and mayhem in Missouri, Berkeley, Oakland, etc. the words are now used for out-of-control anarchy.

Apparently, many who are unhappy with the Ferguson decision are voicing their displeasure by destroying stores, overturning cars, burning property, doing widespread looting, trashing subway stations, taking over the freeways, and injuring people, including the police. They are supposedly protesting violence. . and yet doing so by being violent.

When I read about their actions, the media keeps calling them protesters and demonstrators. Aren’t there other words that are more apt, such as lawless mobs, criminals, rioters, terrorists, anarchists?

What’s happening in Oakland, etc. is a repeat of what has occurred since the 60s, that is, a small group of people being given carte blanche to rape and pillage. (Significantly, many rapes have occurred at Occupy events — so much for our march in the 70s trying to restore the dignity of womanhood.) The hard-core Left (2) seized control over Berkeley/Oakland in the 60s and 70s, creating a reign of terror for the innocent. Not much has changed since then, except the mayhem has spread all over the country to racially-motivated flash mobs and knock ’em down assaults.

Back in the 60s, there were some voices of sanity who condemned random violence towards the innocent, who assailed the destruction of other’s hard-earned property. We had Presidents condemn the mayhem. But no longer.

Now, most voices are silent. Either some people still buy into the adolescent idea that those who put their lives on the line every day for us are “pigs.” Then there are those people too terrified to open their mouths. It’s no wonder; they’ll be called truly vicious and defamatory names for doing so. And, given that so many in this country have lost their common sense, those who are victims of all of this destruction may feel that they are somehow to blame.

Of course, there’s the Left’s constant refrain: Police brutality; it’s all the police’s fault; they made us do it; they started it. Like a weak child unwilling to take responsibility for his action, the hard-core Left blames everyone else for absolutely everything. (Of course, should those same radicals need the police due to the astronomical amount of crime around here, they’d be the first to call upon them, and then complain bitterly when the police take too long to come. And, yet, maybe the long delays for 911 have something to do with decimated police budgets from all the rioting and Occupying.)

As I conclude this piece, I hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle blaring. It makes me wonder why. Is it the mobs continuing to riot? Will they come around where I am? One doesn’t know. And it’s that ability to cause terror throughout a population that is the Left’s piece de resistance.

But let’s tell the truth here. No, the people taking it to the streets aren’t protestors. No, they aren’t demonstrators. They are bullies, cowards, thugs, and opportunists: lost, angry, destructive people with no self-control, who are allowing themselves to be manipulated and controlled by the biggest radical of all. (3)

And, no, most of the people who start this mayhem aren’t even participating in the riots. They are the old Left, the Bill Ayers of the world, behind the scenes in their million dollar mansions engineering the destruction; and the young Left, instigating trouble through Facebook; and many faceless people and organizations kept secret. As in so many wars, the people who create it don’t usually get their hands dirty.

A young Juan Williams assailed this practice decades ago: that is, the Left’s using young black males as their foot soldiers. Williams demanded, in a fiery article back in the 80s, that white leftists stop using young blacks as their cannon fodder.

As I said, not much has changed since then.


(1) All of these so-called protests are unlawful. It is against the law to have huge crowds of people assemble without a permit, a rather salient point being ignored.

(2) Most residents around here consider themselves liberals or progressives, not Leftists. The radical Left is a small minority around here, and everywhere, for that matter. And most liberals and progressives do not believe in violence or engage in it. However, too many of them will excuse it for reasons that I’ve written about many times before: brainwashing, guilt, fear, still buying into the dream, etc. In my view, when we don’t condemn violence, however, we have some culpability in it.

(3) The Left’s darling, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to the biggest radical of all, as he called him, Lucifer.

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