Freedom and Slavery

In these post-modern times, people regard themselves as truly liberated. Because they can engage in wild and extreme behavior, they think they are free men and women. But the truth is that they are enslaved.

I’m talking about slavery to sin.

Now this may sound as Neanderthal as it gets. I probably sound like the silly Church Lady from Saturday Night Live. Our “post-Christian” culture tries to erase what is as obvious as the nose on our face: that humans are prone to sin. Every culture throughout time has known this and has tried to protect people from themselves.

Actually, Americans still believe in sin, although sin now means something completely different from the past. What is now considered sinful behavior is being “racist,” “intolerant,” a “hater,” (whatever those words now mean).

But what about real sin, true sin, the kind that destroys the spirit and weakens the body? These are no longer considered misdeeds. In fact, in our Orwellian world, soul-destroying behavior is viewed as good. It’s good to hook up with a stranger and have random sex in a random park. It’s liberating for a girl to pull up her top in a bar. Having anonymous sex, lots of sex, group sex, sex that involves bruises and welts, these are all signs of freedom.

And where does all of this “freedom” lead? HPV virus, herpes, trichinosis, chlamydia, AIDS, genital warts, unintended pregnancies, syphilis, and gonorrhea.

Are we having fun yet?

There’s not only a physical fallout but profound emotional and spiritual ones. Meaningless hook-ups produce an abject loneliness that pierces the soul and can lead to hopelessness and despair. At our core, we are meant for relationships, not drug-infused intercourse with a stranger or a casual friend. Human beings are only happy when we feel loved and valued and respected. And this doesn’t happen in the parking lot of the local pub.

What we have today — what is called freedom or fun or sexual liberation — is actually a form of slavery. It’s sexual slavery, although much of it is voluntary. (One, however, wonders how voluntary it is for our youth, who are subjected to relentless social conditioning by the media and deluged with naked pictures from their phones and computers. And young adults and teens don’t want to be accused of the cardinal sin for their age group — being uncool.)

And yet there is another way.

If a person is truly interested in freedom, there is only one choice, and that is God. But God is now mocked as was the Church Lady; He is viewed as a big spoil sport, when girls and boys just want to have fun. But the only true road to liberation is through God, by God, by serving Him. . .. and pleasing Him. And we all know in our heart of hearts what behavior pleases and offends Him.

God offers us everything that our ravenous souls need. He is the only source of life and joy. Everything else leads to death. There is no freedom apart from God, and no peace. He is the source of all hope, of everything that opens the heart and transforms mind. What we have hungered for is waiting for us right this minute with open arms if we only had the courage to look.

Ask yourself these questions: Are you enslaved? Are you free? If, for you, empty hook-ups are the road to liberation, God gives you the freedom to choose this path. But God also offers each and every one of us a radically different way.


Note to Readers: I know what I’m writing about. I’m a victim of the social conditioning of the 60s and 70s, and, only through the grace of God, am I alive to tell the tale. As a survivor of those out-of-control times, I will tell you that none of it was worth it. I have the physical and emotional scars to prove it.

God is always ready to welcome us back into the fold and to make us whole again. But for your health and your well-being, I’m here to warn you: don’t wait too long.

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