Tuesday: Our Date with Destiny

If you are one of the .025% of Americans who haven’t decided who to vote for yet, I’ve devised a simple test:

Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

How optimistic are you that the economy will come back “any day now?”

Do you, like our Vice President, believe that the most important “civil rights issue of our time” is sex change operations?

Do you feel that all of those apologies have made the world respect us more (and have a healthy fear of us)?

Are you excited about ObamaCare?

Are you completely at ease with the idea that no one has actually read the l6,000 or so pages of ObamaCare?

Are you totally confident about ObamaCare’s having bureaucrats decide what procedures will be covered and not?

Are you actually uncomfortable with a lot of what’s happening in this country and in the world, but yet Obama still gives you that tingly, happy feeling?

Has MSNBC convinced you that Mitt is a combination of the boogyman, the Anti-Christ, and the Joker?

If you plan to vote for Obama given the danger this country is in, well there’s nothing I or anyone else can do at this point. But if you really, truly believe any of the above, you may want to talk to your doctor about some strong anti-psychotics.

Maybe you are, in reality, a tad nervous about four more years of Obama’s going rogue. If so, please either a. vote for Romney b. don’t vote or c. vote for Roseanne Barr. Because the next election is no ordinary election.

This coming Tuesday may be the most important election in our country’s history. To borrow from Humphrey Bogart, we all have a date with destiny.

We know what the last four years have been like: how Obama has ruled with divide and conquer tactics; how he doesn’t believe the Constitution applies to him; how he strong arms the Congress to do his bidding — or bypasses it completely with Czars and Executive Orders.

Obama himself already hinted that once he’s a lame duck president, any restraint that he has placed on his behavior will be over. Therefore, everyone and his uncle need to get out there on Tuesday and stop this runaway train.

For me, I’ve been slow to warm up to Romney. He seemed too moderate around social issues, and a bit too hawkish for me around Iran.

But the first debate sealed the deal. Romney came across as confident, intelligent, and very Presidential. He’s a man’s man, not a kid, and this would inspire respect from within this country and without.

So I would encourage (if not beg) all sane citizens to vote on Tuesday — even if you’re sick and tired of politics. Even if you’d prefer to take to your bed with the covers over your head, vote! Yes, Romney isn’t perfect (who is?).

But the entire world, and, more importantly, the heavenly realm, is watching us. They want to see whether the United States will continue to become a UN-sponsored shell of itself, or whether it has the courage and wisdom to return to its former glory. To quote Ronald Reagan (which, by the way, I never thought I would do in my entire life): “
We are indeed, and we are today, the last best hope of man on earth.”

So please, pretty please, get out and vote on Tuesday. This is one date that none of us can afford to miss.

Note: I am mostly offline these days. I will try to post comments . . . but there may be a big lag time, so FYI! And I hope that you and yours are well! (trolls included!)

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6 Responses to Tuesday: Our Date with Destiny

  1. MPQ says:

    Very well said, God has put our country’s destiny in our own hands.

  2. wilsonharp says:

    Hi Robin,

    I have really enjoyed your writings and experiences as you have traveled this path of discovery. I wrote a book with the intent to help new believers with their journey and you were definitely one of the people I thought about when I was writing it. I know of no other way to contact you except on this blog, so here is where I will ask if it would be ok if I sent a paperback copy of my book to you. Thank you and may God bless you.

    Wilson Harp

  3. Walt Gottesman says:

    Have already voted early for Romney/Ryan. Couldn’t wait. Wasn’t enthusiastic about Romney until he picked Paul Ryan for the VP slot, but that sealed the deal for me. My wife, who has been recommending Romney from the start, will be heeding your advice/plea, and will vote on Tuesday. The rain that is forecast in our locale for that day will not keep her away. Nothing will keep her from voting.

    Robin, you would have made a great Reagan Democrat! My late dad and mom, both WW II Army vets who met in ’43 and were married in uniform in December of that year, were Reagan Dems. If they were still with us I’d have sent them links to your columns. They would’ve been proud of you.

    And thank you for your reminder that the “eyes of Heaven” are upon us. I know that, but sometimes I forget and need reminding. Had a hunch that you might have some words to offer at this important pre-election moment. By stressing the importance of Tuesday’s presidential election you are helping the momentum that is building for Romney. Thank you!

  4. bobbcm says:

    i have so enjoyed your journey from west coast liberal to believer/conservative, robin.
    your comments above get a big thumbs up from me.

    god bless you and yours. and i pray that the God of the universe and His Son will bless America. i pray we as a nation are not under His wrath and judgement, but that He still desires to use the United states of America for His Purposes and glory.

    thanks again, Robin.

  5. kollro99 says:

    Robin you are back and you are right. Yahoo!!

  6. caRefugee says:

    I’m just happy to see that you popped up online. I’ve missed reading your occasional AT post. I am begging all insane citizens to get a clue and stay home Tuesday. I am hoping that you and yours are doing well. God Bless.