The Left’s War Within

July 21, 2011

This blog is an addendum to my article, Black Privilege, with some additional thoughts.

The stirring up of class warfare and racial warfare has less to do with black and white then it has to do with how the left operates. They agitate people in order to divide and conquer. Read all about it in, Rules for Radicals, the left’s seminal play book.

Many people, of any race or creed, would turn to thuggery if they had to live in the hellish urban ghettos, with their dangerous streets and wretched public schools — AND being encouraged to act out with few consequences and told they were forever victims because of the color of their skin. I don’t know why more people of color aren’t enraged by what has been done to the black community by paternalistic whites and black race peddlers. . . not to mention how poor blacks have been used as foot soldiers in the Left’s war within.

Juan Williams, reporter and civil rights activist, penned an article back in the 80′s in the Washington Post, entitled, “If Liberals Need Riots, Let Whites Do It.” In this fiery piece, Williams lambasted the Left for using young blacks as cannon fodder, demanding that whites do the dirty work themselves. (Something that will never happen since white activists prefer trolling and blogging to getting their hands dirty — or bloodied.)

If liberals are friends to people of color, I have some burning questions. Given that the public schools in most urban areas are hellholes, why do the liberals push public schools and oppose school vouchers? Wouldn’t vouchers allow poor black kids to attend private schools?

Why do the same people opposing vouchers turn around and send their own kids to private schools? Why, for instance, was one of Obama’s first acts as President to eliminate the hugely popular and successful school voucher program in Washington, DC, home to some of the worst public schools in the country? And why does he then send his own kids to tony D.C. private schools?

And by the way, what about the premier black organization, the NAACP? Wasn’t that begun by blacks to empower their community?

If so, why does Wiki state the following: In fact, at its founding {in l909}, the NAACP had only one African American on its executive board, Du Bois himself. It did not elect a black president until 1975, although executive directors had been African American.

It has been alleged that many of the white founders had ties to the Communist Party and the Russian Revolution. Interestingly, the NAACP was begun around the same time as the Russian Revolution. It has been alleged that a wealthy New York banker, Jacob Schiff, helped fund both the Russian Revolution and the NAACP.

So was the organization a truly benevolent group to help blacks? Or was it a front for the Communist Party, a way to enrage and agitate blacks toward the ultimate goal of revolution? I don’t know, but it sure is curious that blacks weren’t allowed to head their own organization for almost 70 years, until the the era of Black Power and political pressure.

Another question, what about all of the attacks on Christianity? As a whole, blacks are the most religious of groups. They have the largest church attendance of any ethnicity. Aren’t the attacks on Christianity a direct attack on blacks and other people of color? (For further information on the assaults on Christianity, read either of these books, Persecution, and, Losing Our Religion)

Also, keep in mind that Proposition 8 (to ban gay marriage in California) was largely passed because the vast majority of blacks, Asians, and Latinos voted for it. And, yet, the public schools are force feeding a steady diet of sex on public school kids. California just signed a bill to require gay/trans/bi, etc. affirming education for all public school children.

In fact, a public elementary school in Oakland, Redwood Heights School, suspended classes for a day to educate (indoctrinate?) all children. even kindergartners, on “gender fluidity.” Gender fluidity is a postmodern concept that since gender is all cultural, we are free to change our genders at whim, like a new hairdo. In my view, it gives a big Bronx Cheer to God and His creation, including those Christian parents.

And yet who attends Redwood Heights elementary school in Oakland? What population comprises most of the urban public schools? Why black, Latino, and immigrant children. Who sends their children to idyllic public schools in the wooded hills? White families.

And yet this sexualizing and queering of minority children would be completely unacceptable to most of the parents — if they knew about it. The courts have decided that parents not only have no rights to consent to their child’s sex education, but don’t even have to be informed ahead of time about it.

Let’s put two and two together here: the same populations that voted in historically high numbers in California in favor of Proposition 8 (and for Obama, incidentally) are having their children used for social engineering.

And yet these same parents lack political clout and are too stressed and overloaded to protest. Many parents of Oakland school kids speak English as a second language, and a majority of the black families are headed by black single moms with much on their plates. Most of these parents cannot afford upwards of $25,000 to send their kids to fancy private schools.

Is all of the above just a coincidence? Or is there a concerted effort to brainwash the children of families who cannot escape the public schools? Is this just a continuation of those early 20th century efforts by communists to exploit and use the black population? I don’t know, but I sure wish more people were asking because we’re talking about children here.

A final question: has free and easy abortion, initiated by progressives, helped black women? If it has, why are most black fetuses aborted?

Why did so many of the early black activists oppose abortion? Answer: because they saw it as a form of eugenics, which means population control to weed out “inferior breeds.”

Eugenics was actually legal in a number of states in the early 20th century at the time of the progressive presidency of Woodrow Wilson– and eugenics was at the time affirmed in a Supreme Court decision headed by the liberal Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Margaret Sanger, that icon for women’s rights, began a “Negro Project” around that time to try to curtail black population. It’s no wonder that for decades, many black activists have been adamantly opposed to abortion and that some black luminaries today, including Martin Luther King’s niece, have labeled abortion as a form of eugenics against blacks.

What else has been the result of decades of liberal policies? The black community continues to experience an unconscionable amount of crime, though it is largely intraracial. (Take a look at the book, Death by Liberalism, and there is a whole chapter on what liberalism has done to the black community.)

Before the 70′s War on Poverty and Urban Renewal, there were strong, proud black communities all over this nation, with largely two parent families. This has been reversed due to the years of this liberal experiment. Black neighborhoods were mowed down with Urban Renewal, and drug-infested, depressing projects built in their place. Black families lost their businesses and their homes to the bulldozers.

In my opinion, people of color do have enemies. But they are not the Usual Suspects, the Boogeyman, on the Right.

Finally, I am providing some links to statistics on interracial violence, as per reader requests. There is very little out there from the mainstream press because of political correctness.

I will caution you that the following links are disturbing.

Here are some links as well as an excerpt from one of the articles, which is linked below. If you doubt the articles, please return to the Department of Justice statistics.

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

Note: for the article below, I am linking it to a website that provides a rebuttal:

The following article is about black on Asian crime, also covered up. For instance, there have been epidemics of take over robberies in these parts targeting Asian restaurants.

What’s particularly interesting about this video is that it refers to the late Eldridge Cleaver, a Black Panther who advocated the rape of white women by black men in order to humiliate and terrify the white man. His book, Soul on Ice, is still taught at schools throughout the world.

Less known about Cleaver is that, after going underground in Communist countries, he completely recanted his previous views. He became a Christian and a conservative. He wrote a sequel to his earlier autobiography, this one called, Soul on Fire. In it, he described his conversion from being a serial rapist who hated this country to being a patriotic, God-fearing man. All I can say about this is: Praise the Lord.

And, no, Soul on Fire, is not taught at the liberal-controlled public schools.

As for Drudge, feel free to check their article archives for many stories of recent attacks on whites by mobs.

Crime is horrible for all people — for the perpetuator, for the victim, for families, and for society as a whole. I hope that anyone reading this, of any race or sex or ethnicity, will speak out forcefully against violence of any sort, especially against the most vulnerable of populations, such as women and children.

To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, we need to stand together as brothers, or we will die together as fools.

Lastly, I received a few comments that were not Ready for Prime Time. Most were from progressives who dismissed any concerns whites have about violence. And yet, one black man wrote a comment so chilling, I need to end with it.

He wrote, in part:

I don’t mean to be insulting like some of the comments that I have seen posted here, but the truth is that white and darker skin people would be better off separated. Actually, like it or not that time is coming. Scientist have revealed that the white race will all but be eradicated off this planet in a few years. White people are not indigenous to this planet, and their stay has been nothing but trouble since they arrived. The last six-thousands years have been a living hell for the true people who this planet created.

While I found this post incredibly disturbing, I appreciate this man’s honesty. So perhaps the targeting of whites, the rapes and mob violence, and the degradation and demonization of anything white are not simply figments of our imagination after all.

While I disagree completely with this writer, I thank him for his candor. It’s too bad that most people on the left cannot be so forthright about what is really and truly going on.

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16 Responses to The Left’s War Within

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  2. Quartermain says:

    By their fruits, you shall know them.

  3. ripvanann says:

    Robin, so glad you’re back.
    In the early 80′s I attended a middle that was located in the worst neighborhood of our city. The school was 95% black and even though my classmates claimed that I was not white, I was Italian, I was still a minority and victim of bussing. My memories of that school are fond, though not at all without scars.

    One thing I long for from that time, is the truth of our environment without any prejudice. We students, along with the teachers, talked frequently about our racial stereotypes (the thought that these stereotypes were racist in nature, would have been ludicrous to even mention). We laughed, we yelled, we had *thoughtful* discussions. When my black friends made fun of my lack of black voluptuous-ness, I retorted with how I didn’t want a black booty. We all laughed. All of us, without a second thought.

    I noticed that in high school, where my black friends were now being bussed to my white neighborhood, and the ratio of blacks to whites was 50/50, race became an issue.

    Bill Clinton was elected, I was then in a successful career and finding that I was increasingly more conscious of everything I said or did that might be considered racist. It didn’t matter that I helped lead a youth group of over 200 inner city youth, most of whom were black. It didn’t matter that the one youth who came to live with my husband and I had skin darker coal…. the fact that I described these youth as “black” instead of “African America” became quite insulting to my “African American” friends of many years. What was happening?

    I often wondered if middle school was some sort of utopian society I had dreamt up all on my own. One day however, some time during the Clinton years, I got a hankering for some of that time. I busted out my LL Cool J tape. I was shuddering at the so not PC lyrics. Then it happened, I rented one of Eddie Murphy’s stand up routines on VHS. Somewhere inn this routine (the tape was either Delirious or Raw) he says to the crowd “Ain’t it great that racism is dead y’all?” The crowd cheered and he went on with his utterly raunchy performance. But WOW! Middle school was not special. Middle school was not a fantasy and/or figment of my imagination. Middle school, when Ronald Reagan was leading our country, was a very brief period of time when the Progressives lost their spell over the American people, and we were coming together quite well.

    I don’t know who said it, but I love it “Liberalism always does the exact opposite of it’s stated intent.”

    Peace and Blessings,

    • Robin says:

      What a wonderful story, Rip. It shows that if children (and adults) are left to their own devices, they can get along, regardless of the differences in skin color, country of origin, etc. But when it is shoved down people’s throats, it leads to resentment, guilt, and shame. My middle school years were not as positive as yours, but they were during the tumultuous late 60′s when the country was ablaze with revolution. We had to attend some required, race sensitivity classes, which only inflamed and embarrassed the blacks, who found easy targets in some of us kids.

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions, especially good intentions with human beings, not God, at the helm.

  4. jtrolla says:

    Obviously your hiatus was well spent–you’re back and fully reloaded.

    Racism is a word coined by Trotsky in one of his lunatic tomes. It is a political synonym for bigotry but the “ism” part of it connotes ideology as well.

    Of all the egregiously bigoted groups in the world, liberals are the worst–followed by the Muslims.


  5. Bruce O says:

    Here’s a link to the Christian/Newsome story that Phillip France referenced.

  6. sam1427 says:

    Welcome back, Robin. I’ve read your last two articles with interest. Yes, the left is playing a divide and conquer political game, attempting to set apparently competing interest groups against each other for the benefit of the left. If anyone here hasn’t read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radical yet, I recommend it. It’s a boring slog through Marxist mush at times, but it does give one the Obama administration’s playbook.

  7. Bruce O says:

    Dear Robin, welcome back. I see you are fired up after your hiatus, and tackling one of society’s third rails…race. AND on the wrong side of the political correctness tracks, to boot. I knew you’d be back sooner than you anticipated, every “brave heart” runs towards the battle, it’s their nature. Anyway, enough of the welcome back stuff :-)

    I’ve been aware enough, and self honest enough, about the hate that is rampant in the black communities towards whites, to find myself wondering…if this violence is to such a level when whites make up 75% of the population and blacks make up 13%, can you imagine what life will be like for whites in America 50 years hence, when they will be the actual minority?

  8. plato102 says:

    Conservatives constantly point out the failures of liberals when it comes to the public school system, especially failing schools in the inner city, and you always cite vouchers as the conservative solution to the problem. The problem with the voucher solution is: it’s a PARTIAL solution — only a fraction of students in the failing public school benefit from it and the problem remains in full force for those left behind. Would you pay for a PARTIAL solution when you took your car to the shop for repair? Then why would conservatives claim success in solving the inner city school problem while berating liberals for failing miserably?

    Look, if conservatives want credit for solving society’s problems where liberals have been utter failures(your words), make sure you have a COMPLETE solution.

    • Robin says:

      Your point is well taken, though I think it is unfair to say that any human being should have a COMPLETE solution. Only one Force knows it all, and that is not a human one.

      You may have heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different reaction. I think that this saying applies well to the union-controlled public schools, where most money is pumped into the hands of the few union officials and their various political pet causes. And while many public school teachers are good, there are very bad ones who can’t be fired.

      Want my opinion? Abolish the federal Department of Education. (This, of course, will never happen because then the progressives wouldn’t be able to indoctrinate children.) Allow the states to come up with their own solutions. For some states, this may mean privatization of all schools. Other states may still want everything public and state-controlled. If there are people brilliant enough to design the IPhone and the automobile, great minds (of every stripe and class) can come together and figure it out.

      This idea of a humongous federal government controlling everything we do and everything we eat is a relatively new concept. Did you know that there was no federal income tax when this nation was founded? There was also no central bank, since the founders felt this could lead to great corruption and greed — which has transpired with the Federal Reserve, which is run by. . well, we really don’t know, do we? And they appear to “lose” trillions of dollars at a time, which has enraged Democratic congressmen and women, even the socialist Bernie Sanders. The idea of a Big Brother government is relatively new, and was not what the founders envisioned.

      Black families are desperate for a solution. There were black parents protesting in Harlem recently, demanding better schools for their children. Black families protested in DC when Obama got rid of their voucher program.

      Some people of color are waking up and demanding alternatives to the same old same old. I for one support them. It is shameful that we allow children to attend these hellish school, and even more unconscionable that we use their kids for social engineering. And it is hypocritical to oppose vouchers or some other alternative to public schools — and then send your kids to private schools (or move to safe suburbs with good public schools.)

      One final point, Plato. . don’t just pose a question or challenge. If you have some of your own unique and creative ideas, share them. This blog is intended for fostering creativity, not yet another war within.

    • Mkgcos0 says:

      Plato, I’m not sure I agree with your math.

      In the State in which I live we spend $12,000 to $13,000 per year to educate one child for nine months. So, say you have twenty five kids in a class and it is $12,000. That’s $300,000 per classroom. Frankly, I don’t see why we can’t pay teachers a phenomenal salary with that kind of money and still keep the lights and the heat on and still have plenty left over for pencils, paper and books. But, we seem not to be able to do so and I am not an education expert so I won’t argue the point.

      With a voucher system, generally, the State will give the parent a credit of $10,000 to go onto the free market and pay for their child’s education outside the public school. That leaves $2,000 of that kid’s money still with the school. So say five kids out of that class of twenty five take a voucher. You still have twenty kids at $12,000 a piece and an extra $10,000 left over from the five kids who went elsewhere. For a total of $250,000 for twenty kids or a new total of $12,500 per kid in the public school.

      Five kids went and received an alternate education that their parents can control and twenty kids get an extra $500 per child to spend in the public classroom.

      So, how is that a PARTIAL solution?

      I’ll tell you how it is a PARTIAL solution; it takes money away from a Government monopoly with employees who all belong to a union and allows parents to have a free choice. Two things the left cannot seem abide.

  9. DeoGratia says:

    Glad you are back Robin. Your latest posts show that a break has truly renewed you. I can only state affirmation for what the commenter above me said: Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  10. Mkgcos0 says:

    Now we come to a sticky wicket. In the video, the same Russlynn Ali who says she will not tolerate “Blame the Victim Bullying” also has changed the rules in Universities for trying men accused of rape. In the US Justice System any person must be found guilty by “Proof beyond a reasonable Doubt”. Now, the government is requiring that Universities try men using only the “Preponderance of Evidence,” or threatening to withdraw federal funding if it does not.

    [Note, Mkgcos0 – I’ve deleted the rest. You and I have had some email conversations in the past (when I was on email) and the rest of the comment felt like a personal message to me, which I appreciated but didn’t feel appropriate for public viewing. Having said that, your points were well noted.)

  11. Philip France says:

    One more thing:

    The video presentation embedded into your article flashed a picture of Christian/Newsome but had nothing added about it. For those of you unfamiliar with this horror, it was 100,000 times worse than the Manson family violence.

    This was an atrocity for which descriptive words have not yet been inculcated into our lexicon. The crime was so far beyond horror that it defies and betrays the entire dictionary. Robin’s readers should know of this incident because it was completely ignored by the PC sissies in the MSM.

  12. Philip France says:

    Welcome back Robin. You have been missed. May the Almighty bless you with abundance and good health.

    I had been somewhat aware of this epidemic but I am now appaled and outraged. What became of Dr. King’s dream that mankind would no longer be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character? If content of character includes rape, flash mobs and black-on-white intimidation and violence then race is not the issue: cultural pathology is – and certain races are goaded in this direction.

    It appears that Mr. Marcuse and his Frankfurt School is every university’s and college ‘s curriculum. This is heartbreaking. It is also dangerous. I cannot put it more succinctly than one of my intellectual heroes already has: (modern) Liberalism is a mental disorder. It truly is! The political and cultural Left is wrong about EVERYTHING that they stand for. They are merchants of deceit and manufacturers of lies. They are the Dow Jones of evil.

    I write this with a heavy heart. My son has recently attained the age of 22. He is strong, tough and very intelligent. My heart breaks for my sweet daughter who recently attained the age of 17. She is quite intelligent, but she is not as strong and tough as her brother. I endeavor to inform them of the horrors that they may face. I feel shame that I grew up in a Ward Cleaver culture but my generation has handed down to them a Ward Churchill culture.

    I pray fervently for the rapid and imminent return of our Lord and Savior.

    • Paul Hubert says:


      Remember “Fear Not”?

      The days are difficult, but so were they for the first Christians and that culture was at least as bad as what we face today?

      Believers in the most difficult situations around the world, MBB’s (Muslim background believers), and others are remaining steadfast and GROWING their numbers!

      Perhaps we need to pray about how the Body of Christ here in the U.S. and in the West in general can begin to grow its numbers! I don’t think it will come through innovative church programs, I think it needs to come one-by-one through each of us.

      Yes, Robin, welcome back. I only hope we can begin preaching to someone outside the choir!