Are We Living in a Post-Christian World?

A friend’s daughter startled me the other day. It was when I asked her if she’s chosen a name for her baby yet.

The woman, whom I’ll call Traci, is due to deliver her first baby any day now. She answered that she wasn’t sure about the name yet but, “One thing we do know is that it won’t be a name from the BIble.”

I asked her why and she shrugged, as if it were a no-brainer. “Because, of course, we’re living in a post-Christian world.”

I’d never heard that term before and it stunned me. I thought about it afterwards. A post-Christian world? What does that mean? And what are the implications here?

I suppose Traci means that she’s a postmodern girl, and has grown beyond any rules or definitions. She and other Post-Christians (PC’s) don’t need gender or anything else, like capitalism; they have no use for the traditional family. They don’t need God and His repressive morality. They don’t need anything but. . .well, what do they rely on actually?

Now this is where I got stuck. If the post-Christian generation doesn’t need anything, not even God, what do they need? What do they rely on; what comforts and nurtures them. . who do they turn to; who do they cry out to, when life becomes all too much?

I suppose they’d say that they rely on “science,” but Darwin and Stephen Hawkings provide limited solace when tragedy strikes. Perhaps they’ll point to social justice missions as their reason for being. However, they’d have to turn a blind’s eye to what happens when humans play God, as in the old Soviet Union, the “People’s Republic” of China; and North Korea.

Perhaps the Post-Christians rely on their bodies, on pleasure. They bow to the god of the Kama Sutra, an Eastern spiritual guide to great sex. But again doesn’t this only go so far? And the unbridled pursuit of pleasure leads to unforeseen consequences: diseases that injure and even kill; one-night stands that hurt body and soul

Maybe the PC’ers would say that they rely solely on themselves. However, how would this work? There would be times they’d be vulnerable, such being blindsided by the news of cancer. And if they choose to just depend on human beings, all of us will age and become ill and die someday, them included.

Perhaps the PC’s have constructed their own religion; they worship the Kabbalah, or the goddess, or Eastern deities, like Shiva or Krishna. Maybe their devotional practice is pagan; they bow to animals, nature.

But aren’t all of these false gods just a weak substitute, a way to fill what St. Augustine called the hole inside one’s heart without the one true God. I suppose it’s hard for the young ‘uns to look into the future. But eventually they’ll become older, hungrier, wondering what this mysterious existence has all been about.

While the PC’s think they’re creating a newer, better world, I have to wonder whether they’re doing something completely different: whether they are, in fact, dragging us backwards in time, to a pre-Christian world. They are forcing us back to a time before Christ came.

They may idealize the pagan years, but there were countless of child sacrifices to the gods. There were many thousands of animals killed, which the eco-freakos and the animal rights advocates among us would not have liked one bit.

Women, and others, were routinely stoned back then for such infractions such as adultery. It was Christ who intervened and uttered his famous words about those without sin casting the first stone. He saved the woman’s life and he did so, significantly, without laying a hand on the persecutors.

The PC’ers are operating under a delusion: that the world was superior before Christ. That people were happier, merrily loving each other, in a utopian existence. It’s a similar myth that progressives of all ages embrace about the 60’s. The old timers look bad fondly at the “good old days.” The young ones erroneously believe that the hippie and radical movements were times of liberation and magic.

Conspicuously missing from the stories is how the Black Panthers created a reign of terror over the SF Bay Area; how innocent people were murdered in bombings; how women were raped in radical movements.

It’s an immature view of the world; one that is frozen in time, like one of those sci fi movie where people never age. Now everything is about immediate gratification, whether it’s checking Facebook yet again, or procuring another bong hit, with an anomymous partner, or some Internet porn.

The PC’s are like thirsting people, standing knee-deep in a free water stream, with all kinds of succulent berries nearby. They need only bend down and drink.

The succor is God, not the pagan one, not the god of nature nor the god of sex. There is only one God who satisfies, who fills the hunger, who offers solace when the worst of life happens and you find yourself devastatingly, frighteningly, alone.

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22 Responses to Are We Living in a Post-Christian World?

  1. jib says:

    The over arching issue with evangelicals and earlier more liberal “Christians” is that they decided that the words and thoughts of man trumped those of God and His word. They ceased to believe that the Bible is the authoritative word of God. They ceased believing in the verbal plenary inspiration of scripture and it’s inerrancy. At one time most believed that even on matters that were not spiritual, any matter which the Bible chose to address, it was 100% accurate and factual. It started for many trying to find an accommodation with evolution. The problem is, if evolution is true and there was no literal Adam and Eve we have no original sin, no Fall and no need for a Savior. We can treat others any way we want instead of treating them as we would wish to be treated because we have no uniqueness of being created in the image of God. If we are all just animals how does it matter how we treat others?

    Did you all know that a couple of years ago the winning spelling word for the national Bee was Laodicean or Laodicea-one of the two? That church which Christ condemns as being neither hot nor cold but lukewarm and apostate? Interesting “coincidence” that.

  2. PatrioticSaxon says:

    Since the ‘Cold War’ is supposedly over, the implications of it (history) is irrelevant to most. The KGB was very effective in undermining our Judeo-Christian foundations by subverting every major facet of American life. Media, academia, Hollywood, politics, the Church, etc. were undermined, and we now see the bitter fruit as our culture, economy, family, continue to decay. The election of Obama is evidence (along with his Marxist czars) that the KGB was indeed effective. “History” is not only not known by many, but much of it has been re-written to further the amputation of America from everything that made this a great nation. There is a cultural battle between two major groups: those who seek a “post-Christian” world, and those committed to our Judeo-Christian heritage. There is a spiritual battle taking place as well, it is accelerating, and will climax, I believe, sooner than many realize. On April 6, 2009, Obama was in Turkey, a Muslim country, and said “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” He presumed to speak for the nation, but he was speaking for himself, and those who welcome any “ism”, ideology, or religion other than biblical Christianity. Europe is how this country will look if they succeed. Europe is losing their identity, to the point that the leaders of Germany, France, and Britain admit that ‘multiculturalism’- a tenet of the secular faith- has failed.

    How things unfold in the coming months will define what becomes of this great country that is under attack from within and without. It will also define the shape the world takes for a long time to come. Unfortunately, regardless of whether we are people of faith or not, we all have been raised and conditioned by schools, media, entertainment, and even in some cases liberal churches, to the point that we all are “recovering” from the impact of these influences, which are profound. Cultural conditioning and sensory immersion are powerful forces we must wean ourselves from. Like alcoholism, or any other addiction, seeing and admitting the problem is essential. Unless we take the implications of all of this seriously, surviving the days ahead- literally, spiritually, morally, etc. will be near impossible. Time is of the essence.

    We all- myself included- need a sudden, hard fast from it all, to be still before the Lord, to wait on Him, and seek His peace, wisdom, love, etc. I am a very spiritually discerning person, and I have not sensed the level of dissonance, darkness, “static”, etc. that exists now in the world. We are entering unprecedented times in many areas, a geopolitical/religious/economic/political vortex that will accelerate us through times that Jesus said, if they would not be short, no person would survive- but for the sake of the elect- Matthew 24:22.

    The Church in the West is ironically in a ‘post-Christian’ era. Many mainline church traditions deny Christ, are Universalists (all religions lead to God), and inundated with ‘pluralism’, etc. We all were created in the image of God- many have ‘created’ a god or religion in their own image, which by implication, makes them an end in themselves. ‘Relativism’ has intoxicated many, where ‘Truth’ is individual, negotiable, and certainly not absolute. Abortion, a multi-billion dollar porn industry, rampant lying, crime, hedonism, materialism, gambling, substance abuse, the breakdown of marriage/family, etc. should indicate to even the undiscerning that the ‘culture war’ has been lost. I am an optimist by nature, but a realist. I am not optimistic regarding the future of America. I am always optimistic in the power of God, His love, grace, etc. and therefore it is not too late for many people, marriages, etc. We must press on in spite of all of this in the mission and purpose God has for us. Revival is always possible and prayed for. The Bible says in the last days there would be a great ‘falling away’ or apostasy, and it is here in America; Europe before. Many evangelicals will be shaken when we are not exempt from tribulation, persecution, and martyrdom. There will be a ‘catching up’ of Christians when Jesus comes at ‘the last Trump’, but in this technological age, the antichrist will make Hitler look like Peewee Herman when it comes to persecution of Jews and Christians, and few will be left when Jesus does come- “Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded, who did not take the mark of the beast or it’s image, and REMAINED faithful to Jesus.” Deception is prevalent in these days- comfort obsessed Americans embrace an escapist theology that costs them little, when millions of “brothers and sisters” around the world suffer evils most simply cannot comprehend. Get ready. HE is the answer.

  3. GumboJumper says:

    Robin: The Post-Christian World? Sometimes I wonder if the world would be somewhat different without Christianity. Every day I experience the goodness of Christians and I see that their motives are unselfish. It took me half of my adult life to understand and feel the presence of God in my life and I look forward to everyday with joy. Whenever I am somewhat discouraged, I realize that it is not my plan that is failing but my failing to understand a greater plan. I believe I am on earth for a reason and rejoicing in life and giving are what are the true secrets of happiness. Somehow, I cannot imagine a soul that is empty!

  4. 98ZJUSMC says:

    We’ve traded Bedford Falls for Pottersville.

  5. John Chavous says:

    I bookmarked this column by Bookworm on American Thinker almost a year ago because I thought it did such a good job of tying things together.
    Seems appropriate now…

    “For many years, physicists have tried to find a unified theory of everything. They have faith that somewhere out there, there is a theory that will explain the physical properties of all things, without any exceptions. I’m not sure that dream will be realized in the scientific arena, but I think I might have stumbled across a unified theory that underlies statist philosophies, whether they are socialist or theocratic: sex.

    Before you get too excited, this article isn’t going to be about voluptuous women in slinky, abbreviated clothes, or scantily clad men with rippling pecs and washboard abs. Sorry.

    Instead, this article focuses on the sordid, depressing, government-controlled side of human sexuality. That is, it examines sex not from the viewpoint of any given individual’s particular desires, but from the viewpoint of a state intent upon gaining maximum control over that same individual.”

    • Yes, that is a wonderful article. The author blogs at Bookworm Room; fabulous blog. Like Robin, Bookworm is a former liberal, now a conservative, living in liberal California. Everyone who loves Robin would probably love Bookworm. She also has a new eb00k, The Bookworm Turns, which is fabulous, and includes that article.

  6. Paul Hubert says:


    I’m sure more than one person has written on the timeline of cultural change in the West, and the U.S. in particular.

    I was graduated from high school in 1966. Certainly this was a time of turmoil, but a few things I recall from that time:

    * Seniors who tried to come to school in cutoffs close to the end of the school year were sent home.
    * Profanity was enough to have you fired from your job.
    * I’d barely HEARD of drugs in my high school (tho I -was- a loner) and
    * Teen pregnancy was certainly not accepted and barely mentioned beyond almost whispered rumors.

    The Vietnam war was approaching full force and the Leftist “Free Speech” movement had arrived -though FAR more gently- at American River Junior College.

    IN JC, students seemed to have lost all sense of responsibility. Cafeteria tables were piled DEEP with trash. The lawns were almost uniformly covered in debris.

    And, yes, even I was beginning to hear of drugs -and porn.

    Something changed VERY rapidly.

    The Watts riots -and others- hit the news.

    I don’t recall being traumatized by any of the events. As not yet a believer I had enough trouble just trying to figure out what the -blank- (not one of the more nasty -blanks-!) life was about.

    But, looking back, I continue to be shocked by the rapidity of change.

    Clearly, SOMETHING failed and failed bigtime!

    I suspect the greatest failure was complacency in the churches. Just where WAS evangelism? Where was the fire for God and for the lost?

    Somewhere along the line, the churches had concluded the Christian faith was universal in the U.S. and all was well. The only thing remaining was to send missionaries ‘over there’ to the heathen. And children were only being taught nice bible stories – and very little else.

    So it was the ideal time for a Panzer blitzkrieg by the forces of darkness. And like Germany in 1939, it worked VERY well, sweeping everything before it and leaving the unprepared churchgoers cowering in the pews.

    At least that’s my take on it.

    It was halfway through 1970 before I became a believer and it was the time of the Jesus Movement, revivals, and speaking in tongues.

    What did Paul write about where sin abounds grace so much more abounds? But the euphoria of the Jesus Movement was soon dissipated. And now we find ourselves under continued attack.

    We’ve had warnings from the likes of Francis Schaeffer and many others. Yet again we are faced with the question “Where did the churches go wrong?” Where did -we- go wrong?

    Our love grew cold? Our fire for the faith? But, how many were ever really ON fire beyond mere emotions?

    Your tale of the ‘post-Christian’ society and example of the young woman should be terrifying – far more so than the Manson murders. Torture and loss of life are small compared to the loss of our souls – and our society is very much in danger of losing its soul for good.

    The ONE thing I think we most need to remember is not to -place- our trust in anything but Almighty God, Himself – and in His Word.

    CAN we be productive for the Kingdom in the End Times? IS that the question facing us today???

  7. Paul Hubert says:

    The ‘tolerance’ of the Left?

    Here is an example from The Layman. The Presbyterian Lay Committee recently started a new campaign, titled “Choose This Day” and kicked it off with full page ads in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune, however, refused the ad.

    Follow this link to Carmen Fowler LaBerge’s article “Psst … your bias is showing”

  8. River says:

    We are indeed. Technology is a massively distracting and corrupting influence that will very likely subvert everything unto itself. It moves forward with exponential speed, and renders history and culture almost irrelevant.

    Once we could see the leisurely flow of history and identify with ancestors and the way they lived. People of the ’20’s, ’50’s, and ’80’s shared many common perceptions, cultures and technology: radio, cars, airplanes, foods, movies, politics, and ethnic differences. These are being quickly erased by the internet and other, newer technologies.

    Today the world of a teenager is filled with dazzling information of every conceivable kind, flowing nonstop: pornography, celebrity ‘news’, weird and amusing YouTube videos, opinions of every contradictory type. Soon it all will be in 3D, and all the more irresistible.

    This is the primary motivation of the IslamoNazis. They’re terrified of being drowned in the maelstrom of modernity, and believe they can stop it.

    “Who is to say what is truth?” the new generations ask. The alarm bells are ringing madly. God will respond to save those who are asking to be saved.

  9. sam1427 says:

    Very well put, Robin, with your usual eloquence and grace.

    The Post-Christian world will look very much like the pre-Christian world. There was no Golden Rule, there was only the rule of the strongest and most brutal. Life, particularly the lives of women and children, had no value. Rulers had absolute power because they took it forcibly. Without Judeo-Christian morals, it truly was a jungle out there. Those who try to throw the Judeo-Christian foundation overboard have no idea what the results of that will be since they are so used to the civilization provided by that foundation. They take it for granted and they should not.

    Francis Schaeffer saw very clearly what the progressives and social justice gospel crowd were all about. And he saw the mistakes of evangelicals as well. If you can find his books now, they are well worth your time.

  10. DeoGratia says:

    Thank you once again Robin. You are gifted to clearly and courageously explain exactly where we are and where we are headed in the post-Christian reality that our culture has embraced. We have a 34 year old son who fits this mind-set. I pray for him daily. He will get this post. I will pray for you as well, that God may continue to bless you as you tell His truth.

  11. greenfairie says:

    As I read on someone else’s blog the other day, even some of the pagans, like the ancient Greeks, valued things like chastity, fertility, hearth, and family through various patron gods/goddesses. Today’s neo-pagans don’t. All of that gets in the way of a good time.

    Would love to see how Baby Post Christian turns out in 18 years.

  12. Care says:

    And by the bye, nothing is new under the sun. Progressive ‘beyond Christian,’ new-age nonsense is as old as the First Garden where the created decided to trump the Creator. The newest rebellion is just different lyrics to the same dead-end destructive “I’ll-do-it-my-way” song. The theme song of hell, by the way. When the clay pot decides to take the place of the Potter, things never go well.
    Christ-followers have, as in every age, a wonderful opportunity to walk the way of Christ and invite every hungry heart to join the parade. O happy day!

  13. Care says:

    Your dangerously naive post-Christian friend has no idea what Jesus’ ethos brought to humankind. May God spare her from the anarchy that will ensue when the way of Christ is shunned across the land. As always, one does get what one wants. God help the poor dear if she does.
    Meanwhile, the Good News will forever be lauded in word and deed as the last bastion of Divine Help. Try as they will, those who wish for a pre-Jesus world, will be denied. There is always a remnant, rejoicing with glad abandon in the Kingdom which is at hand. The ways of the Creator will prevail. The Lamb wins. And some who grow weary of their self-made, no-rules anarchy will cry out. And God’s people will be there to welcome them Home.

  14. norcalgal says:

    It’s easier for people who live in insulated one-thought societies like Berkeley to forsake God. Their progressive society is their God so they see no need to seek the real one.

    As for the sixties, I’m so glad you brought this up. I grew up in Northern California during that time and except for my family, church, and friends in the small rural city I grew up in, the rest of the world was a very scary place. Charles Manson and his family were on the prowl, the Zodiac killer was on the loose, we couldn’t play in the park because of all the hippies on LSD, and groups like the Black Panthers and the SLA had us all terrified. I remember when the Zodiac Killer said he was going to kill a whole school bus full of children. I was in 5th grade at the time and everyone was freaked out. I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought that the Mansons were going to kill me and my family. As it turned out, there were Manson family members living only a few blocks from my house!

    Then, of course at the tail end of the hippie era we had the Moscone assassination in San Francisco, and Jonestown, which in many ways was the culmination of the era. Those poor deluded people who made their own God in the guise of Jim Jones died from drinking the now proverbial “koolaid.” Why are these things never talked about?

    The hippie era was far from glamorous. When I look back on those years I have very little nostalgia for them. I was fortunate in my family, but believe I was robbed of a great deal of the joys of childhood by the excesses of the progressive movement.

    • Paul Hubert says:

      Unfortunately, many churches and ‘bible belt’ communities can also foster ‘one thought’ approaches to the world. It isn’t only a failing of those who are not Christian!

      Certainly, not everyone will study philosophy, but I think we’re all better off if we learn something of analytical thinking and openness: a willingness to listen. The difficulty, however, is that there are those who twist language in order to deceive, so we (the Church) also need discernment.

      But you might be surprised at just how much wisdom is gained by simply placing our trust in Jesus. I have one friend who is about as far from being an intellectual giant as anyone we might name, but whose wisdom is deep, thanks to one of the closest relationships with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I’ve ever been privileged to witness.

      Doesn’t the bible tell us the strong in faith must help the weak? This friend does just that day by day. His patience, faith and LOVE are considerably greater than mine!

    • Robin says:

      Oh. . that sounds awful. I’m so glad you had your strong family.

      The truth about the 60’s is well hidden. I was up on Telegraph Avenue a few months ago, and one of the record shops had this huge window display with memorabilia from the 60’s. It was a fond and loving look back. How short are people’s memories.

      It sounded brutal for most people who lived in California at that time. A book should really be written, an anthology perhaps of people’s true memories of the time.

      • One reason “Forrest Gump” is one of my favorite movies is the way it showed the misogyny, reverse-racism, hypocrisy, “bad trips” and violence in the anti-war movement. I’m not saying all the hippies were bad — but people tend to gloss over the horrors. I loved the way “Forrest Gump” showed real human consequences.

  15. Bruce O says:

    I’ve realized, also, the regressiveness of the PCs paganism. They mock the established religions, then blithely dance to the goddess gaia, or embrace wiccan, or turn socialism into a pseudo religion in their life, or declare that there is no God, of any sort, at all.

    Then they foolishly and arrogantly look down their noses at the rest of us who have not attained their level of “enlightenment”. It would be funny, if it went no further than that.

    Unfortunately, there is something in the makeup of such people that requires them to then become the “saviors” of the unenlightened. To be “crusaders” whose mission it is to stamp out the “old superstitions” of Christianity, that, in their minds, are all that is standing in the way of the “enlightenment” of the rest of mankind.

    That’s when they become persecutors.

  16. Paul Hubert says:


    I am a VERY slow reader. Always have been. Good article. It fits in well with my new project: re-reading Francis Schaeffer’s three foundational works:

    The God Who is There
    Escape from Reason
    He is There and He is Not Silent

    Just as the site Answering Muslims so clearly demonstrates glaring logical inconsistencies in the Qu’ran and Islamic doctrine, Schaeffer demonstrates the fundamental vacuity of materialism.

    Having grown up through the scientific hopes and hypes of the 50’s and 60’s, some of us have a great advantage over the current generation.

    As you point out, WE have witnessed the failures, and understand that Man seeks to trust in himself rather than in God. He seeks his complete independence from God in every way – because he insists on his own will over God’s.

    But I am returning to beginnings I explored in my teens and twenties. I know that I need to -better- know what and why I know what I know! 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

    God bless!


    The first chapter of The God Who is There addresses the fundamental problems of, “progressivism” as well as fundamental errors made by Evangelical Christians.

    • Oohh, the titles alone sound intriguing! The only work of Schaeffer’s I’ve read is “Christian Manifesto” — I’m certainly going to look up these others now! Thanks for the tip.

  17. Southrider says:

    Living in the deep south I enjoy working with a former Berkley prof.. Another good friend was on mayor of ‘frisco’s personal staff. Both dye-in-the-wool progressive. I respect these folks as being, to a point, well meaning, but have long felt something amiss. You’ve provided a better elaboration on what I’ve long sensed than I’d ever write. Thank you!

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